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Deforestation is one of the most crucial climate change issues we face in the world today. It affects our air quality, leads to a direct loss of wildlife and habitat, which increases levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, soil erosion, floods, and depletes crops and vegetables. We need to put an end to deforestation before deforestation puts an end to us and we have the solutions to put that plan into action.

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Research Question

Because of deforestation, 32.5 million acres of forest continue to be lost worldwide per year, having devastating effects on the planet. What negative impact does deforestation have on our planet? And, how can we help people living in an urban environment to become more aware of this issue?


What are the negative impacts of deforestation? The causes of deforestation often originate outside the forestry sector, making it challenging to find a global solution. Deforestation has caused a number of issues on our planet; the main one is air quality. Due to the cutting of trees our air has been less clean and more polluted because trees absorb odors and pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, and ozone and filter particulates out of the air by trapping them on their leaves and bark. The average time a tree takes to grow is 10 years. During this time we would suffer from climate change, which the trees are helping us to prevent. Deforestation can occur as a result of direct and indirect economic, institutional, political, natural, or social factors that impact other vegetation causing climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


Deforestation can lead to a direct loss of wildlife habitat as well as general degradation of their habitats. The removal of trees and other types of vegetation increases the chance of availability in food, shelter, and breeding habitat for wildlife animals without planting them back. It would destroy wildlife habitat and the ozone layer. Trees prevent sediment runoff, and forests hold and use more water than farms or grasslands. Trees also deplete crops and vegetables, which means less food for humans and animals. One solution to putting an end to deforestation and maximizing the lifespan of any wildlife animal using less paper and other products made from trees while incorporating biomaterials and substitute plants to make paper and replant them.  By doing this, the world would see a decrease in people’s suffering from polluted or chemically induced air, which causes them to develop asthma or other diseases. Another solution is educating friends, family, and community about how everyday actions can impact forests around the world, which can change the way many wildlife animals and people live. The world cannot rely on false solutions.

Public Service Announcement


This PSA advocates for protecting the habitats of wildlife- trees. We make various products from trees and as we use them we throw them away not long after. We waste tons of paper daily and endanger animals that are likely to become extinct. Deforestation has destroyed the place where many different species live causing a majority to become endangered.


Brazil+Nigeria Infographic .png

This infographic shows deforestation causes, effects, and solutions in Brazil and Nigeria. It features the annual loss of forest land in each country and what they are doing today to combat their high rates of deforestation.

New York Infographic.jpg

This infographic shows deforestation causes, effects, and solutions in New York State. It summarizes forest land lost over the years to build skyscrapers and gentrified city land. Since New York does not have problems with deforestation, however a small number percent of trees are cut down for lumber. There is a New York State declaration to protect trees from illegal deforestation.

Final Proposal

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First, we want to implement biomaterials in schools and workplaces around the world. A biomaterial is a natural material that can be manipulated in a way that can compost back into the ground and reduce waste all at the same time. For example, we can use and apple peel as a cup, we would convert and apple peel into a cup and dispose of it and it would compost itself into the ground, and on top of that, it is safe and healthy for the world.


Second, for every tree we cut down, we plant three in its place. The reason for this is because it takes TEN YEARS for a tree to develop in size.  So if we start now by 2030 or 2031 our environment will be on its way to being restored to what it was once.


Third, we should make a switch to technology because that is where the future is headed. The majority of N.Y.C schools are mainly using computers and tablets for work these days. As well as using apps and websites to teach Math, E.L.A, Science, World History, and more. Apps and websites such as Google Classroom, Dealtamath, I.X.L, Khan Academy, etc.


Fourth, if paper is that important and some people want to continue to use it, rather than use trees, why don’t we substitute with other eco-friendly materials? Such as cotton, wheat straw, flax, bamboo, rice, water plants, and even old clothes. This will reduce paper waste as well as make everyone happy. 


In conclusion, we want world leaders to create laws that protect our environment, trees, and wildlife. Such as putting a limit on how many trees are able to be cut within one year or just say it’s illegal to cut down a tree. Also by implementing a law that protects all wildlife and their habitats. As well as creating a law that tells people to plant 3 trees for everyone that is cut.


Deforestation is a disease that has affected this world for years and will continue to affect it if we don't put an end to it. So let's put an end to deforestation before deforestation puts an end to us. SIGN THE PETITION AND REMEMBER PROTECT, RESTORE, AND FUND.

Meet the Team

Kahlauney Berete.jpg

Kahlauney B.

I started Publicolor 3 years ago when I was in the 6th grade at age 11, I’m currently going to attend 9th grade and I chose climate change  because I felt a lot of government officials speak about it, but never actually do anything. This summer we focused on climate change and we saw deforestation was the biggest problem. We enjoyed working on it and ideas to prevent it from continuing to happen and hope that the government will take it into consideration.

Kahliyah Berete.jpg

Kahliyah B.

I am 16 years old and currently attending The High School of Medical Professions and this summer I focused on the issue of Climate Change but the increasing of deforestation in New York City compared to a foreign country like Brazil and Nigeria. As I continued to work I’ve learned deforestation has a huge impact not only on wildlife but on our lives as well which includes the air we breathe.

Teshura Francis.png

Teshura F.

I'm a sophomore and a business major in college. I plan on continuing my studies in International Business and Fashion Merchandising. This summer, my team and I focused on Deforestation which is leading to global warming. I want our project to bring awareness to climate change and promote action across the world since it affects us all and we should work collaboratively to do our part to combat this problem now before it is too late. Last year, I planted a tree in Nairobi, Kenya through the economist newspaper and What will you do today to combat climate change?

Jai Morillo.jpg

Jaileneis M.

I'm 16 years old and currently attending DeWitt Clinton High School. This summer I'm very interested in climate change, mainly deforestation. I chose this topic because it is harming our environment and we need to put a stop to it. Also, deforestation causes air pollution which affects my asthma to get triggered. I learned so much about deforestation and the waste that all humans create, especially paper waste. I also learned a lot about teamwork and even though we all have different skills, we can all contribute to the project equally to make it a success.

Yochilda Nicholas.jpg

Yochilda N.

I'm 17 and currently attend Long Island city high school. My social issue is focusing on deforestation. I really believe deforestation is a very important topic because it’s about our health and the way we keep killing trees by making unnecessary paper that we might not use in schools and that’s just wasting the air we have left. This is why I’m passionate about recycling, using less paper and reducing the carbon footprint. 

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