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Young students wanted to address COVID-19 and how it affected their families and communities.  Students collaboratively worked on coming up with solutions to prevent another outbreak. 

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Research Question

What best practices can minors implement to stop the spread of COVID-19 and bring awareness to their peers?


Hi everyone, my name is Maurice Campbell and my group member's names are Abdullah, Ariel, Afsu, Mirembe, Ivanna, and Rhianna. My group is the Health Care group and as you can see the poster on the screen, we are focusing on the topic COVID. Healthcare is very versatile and can be explained into many problems but my group and I have decided to focus on the COVID pandemic to provide information to the 13 through 19yr olds that may be spreading the disease but don’t have that much info or sources on it. My group and I have decided to speak on the COVID pandemic because it is important for us to bring awareness to the people of the United States, to let them know about the spreading, how we can stop the spreading to better lives, the contractions of the highest COVID rates people can catch it from, and how to protect ourselves. After doing a lot of researching on this pandemic, we have found strong data from the website that states, there are over “4 million and 800 thousand confirmed cases and there are over 150 thousand total deaths,” so our goal is to pretty much bring awareness to this problem. We know as a group that we can make a change towards this pandemic.

Public Service Announcement


Proposed Solutions

1. Wear a MASK 

2. Stay socially distanced

3. Don't OPEN schools until scientists develop a vaccine 

4. Don't travel on planes because there is NO circulating air

5. Register to VOTE by October 9th 

6. VOTE for a leader who will help the United States not face another pandemic! 

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