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The issue of underfunding schools, better known as educational inequity, leaves students left behind and makes it hard for them to develop skills that could help them in their future workplaces. Voting for a representative who is passionate about education can help solve this issue.

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Research Question

How does the funding of STEAM programs in New York City’s private and public schools differ?


Our group is focusing on educational inequity. More specifically, how public schools in New York City are underfunded compared to private schools. It is important for students to receive sufficient education, but because so many schools are underfunded, so many students finish school lacking certain fundamental skills. 


It seems that science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM) programs in public schools require the most funding since their content can be applied in so many ways, especially with our world becoming more technology-dependent. Private schools don’t have STEAM programs, but the idea of STEAM is integrated inside their core curriculum. Therefore, the research we have conducted analyzes how educational inequity has impacted STEAM programs in New York City’s public schools. Though there are several ways to tackle this issue, there are two actions we can take that will be the most effective: make everyone more aware of this situation and encourage them to vote for someone that is passionate about education and/or have local businesses, programs, and institutions help financially aid their local public school STEAM programs.

Public Service Announcement


Poorly funded schools can have many drastic effects. Because students are impacted the most, educational inequity can drive them to be less motivated about school and eventually drop out.


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Analyzing how schools are funded gives us a better idea of who’s responsible for this issue. As shown in this infographic, it is clear that the federal government provides the least amount of funding towards schools in New York City.

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Our second infographic emphasizes the fact that many public schools are lacking art teachers. This is important because students are missing out on quality education with the absence of art programs.

Final Proposal

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There are several ways to help achieve educational equity. Firstly, you should always consider voting for a representative who is passionate about education. Having the right person in the office increases the chances of money being put where it belongs. You can also seek reliable funding organizations and support youth development programs like Publicolor. Publicolor has been a reputable program for many years now and has helped many students in low-income areas take part in life-changing experiences that aren’t offered by schools.

Meet the Team

Edgar Andres.jpg

Edgar A.

As an artist, I am a strong believer that art has a positive impact on the education of students and their success in life. I want there to be an increase in funding for art classes, to have more interactive and more compelling classes, in order for students to be engaged and find more options in life. I believe that Publicolor is a prime example of this, and should be the standard of what art classes should be like.

Talike Bennett.png

Talike B.

I am working towards a career in either Game Development or Software Development. That said, I believe it is important to sufficiently fund technology and science programs to ensure students like me are able to take part in related careers.

Corey Carter.png

Corey C.

I’m a recent public high school graduate, going to SUNY New Paltz this fall. The major I am attending is Computer Science, but what I realize is that while participating in technology programs for 12 years, technology in public schools is behind its time and thus had to seek an outside program. That is the reason why I'm into educational aural because I want to make sure that the next generation doesn't have to go through what I did.

Aminata Cisse.jpg

Aminata C.

I have a friend who attends a charter school and when we have conversations about classes, I always feel like I’m behind because my school doesn’t offer nearly as many courses as his school does. That is why I believe that all students should have access to fundamental resources to further their education and ensure that they aren’t left behind.

Miguel Ortiz.jpg

Miguel O.

I plan to pursue photography, art, and music. I feel that extracurricular and official classes aren’t being as helpful as they seem to be. Music club seemed more like a gathering and art class basic and confusing. My school experience along with many others could have been better and I chose to join this topic of educational inequity because not everyone has that perfect experience of high school. I didn’t enjoy my time there because of the lack of effort put into activities for students to motivate and enjoy school in.

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