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Research Question

How widespread is gun violence in America and which communities are most affected?


In the US, gun violence has increased with astonishing numbers. City and police officials have suggested various reasons for the increase in gun violence but it's difficult to pinpoint the one root cause. This study aims to represent how there is such an increase in gun violence in the United States that city and police officials don't even know what condition led to gun violence and lead a chain of events. To help reduce gun violence since it's been a major issue we can let doctors help to educate families about gun safety. Or instead, to help Gun Violence we can start to invest in smart gun technology but I would recommend that one for the future since, what are we going to do about the 330 million guns out in the US already. So for now let's talk about how doctors can help reduce gun violence. Studies show that some three-year-olds are strong enough to shoot a gun and when they reach the age to go to school, 75% can fire a weapon. Some states have sought to prevent doctors from talking about guns with patients, even though they prevent a health risk. A 2011 Florida law threatened physicians with suspending their medical licenses and fines if they inquired about and discussed a family's firearms. So basically what I'm trying to say is doctors can play a key role in helping reduce gun violence so let them.

Public Service Announcement




Here we explain the fact that in recent events as of Spring 2020 there are 330 million people and 400 million guns in the United States. For the most part in comparison to other countries, the United States falls into first place for being the country with the most Gun Violence. Lastly, 20 American children die every day from gun violence and the evidence of the chart on its left of the comparison of the past few years.

Proposed Solutions

Doctors can play a key position in educating households about gun safety, mainly when it comes to retaining guns out of the palms of younger children. Studies exhibit that some 3-year-olds are sturdy enough to shoot a gun. By the time they attain faculty age, about 75% can furnace a weapon. As a result, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that pediatricians begin asking about firearms in the domestic when teens are three years old and curious about the world and objects around them. For the most part, Gun Technology could exist all the pieces appear to be in place. Protection technology is available. Entrepreneurs have introduced merchandise that uses biometrics to pick out a weapon’s rightful proprietor whilst locking it for everyone else. Such clever guns may additionally now not stop mass shootings with firearms purchased legally. But they can stop crimes or suicides with weapons owned by way of anyone else. They can also cut down on unintentional shootings. According to the CDC, an average of 38,000 human beings are shot to death unintentionally each and every year. So why when we have the possibly do something we could change the statistics and end Gun Violence.

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