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For decades, police officers have abused their power by primarily targeting people of color which impacted losing trust in their communities. The way police officers can regain their trust is by extending police training, taking accountability for their actions, and learning about this group's history.

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Research Question

The brutality of the police has drastically negatively impacted the people’s trust in the police force. What are the police doing to regain trust within their communities?


The topic of police brutality is a real struggle, a sensitive and ongoing problem. For decades, police officers have abused their power by primarily targeting people of color. The result is a loss of trust and a broken relationship between the police and our communities. Nevertheless, we need policemen and women. Whom do we call when something goes wrong? Nevertheless, because of tragedies like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, police are seen as dangerous rather than protective. I-can't-breathe and say-her-name are trending now, but both are modern examples of a long history of violence and oppression. Both men and women of color get killed or harmed at the hands of police officers who make deadly decisions based on race and stereotypes, stereotypes such as "colored people are bad .. they're dangerous." Although this isn't true, this has been going on for years, and it needs to end Now! There is always a solution to a problem! U.S citizens should learn about policing, the laws police follow, specific daily goals, the educational programs they are required to take, and how policing has changed over the years. More importantly, police officers should know the history of Black and Brown people in America. Maybe then, they would understand how wrong their actions have become. Police officers should have extended training, be made accountable for their actions like a regular citizen. We have a horrific history of racism and violence in this country that we are trying to recognize with respect so that we may move on. We need to start here! We need to respect each other, be educated ELMO (everyone lets move on), and be open-minded about a situation. And we promise we will start preaching that we mess with 12 once again.

Public Service Announcement


The blue figures represent police officers using their weapons against people of color. On the other hand, the different shades of brown show people of color revealing their innocence repeatedly. This is an ongoing problem that continues to the point where people of color get killed. In order for us to fix this, we need to vote! On November 3, 2020, for leaders, That will encourage police officers to have a healthy relationship with the people. 



In this infographic, the number 1884 stands for the number of police officers who killed black Americans; only 57 police officers got charged with their crime. However, out of the 57 police officers, only 21 were taken accountable for their actions. This is a massive problem that police officers kill many Black Americans. The worst part is that not even a quarter of police officers were taken responsible out of the 1884 deaths. As a group and individual, we are trying to spread awareness and get people to care about police brutality and take a stand.

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Norway and Finland require more education for policing. However, in the United States, it only takes a few weeks. In Finland, 95% of people feel safe about police officers (According to CNN), in the US, not so much. Extending police training will help officers know and understand their job. What am I getting myself into? However, to learn more about human interaction, American history, the laws, how and when to use a gun, what force am I supposed to use? When to use the force? This will help police officers to have a better understanding of how to approach the situation, which makes the citizens safe knowing that the police officers are well educated.

Final Proposal

Proposed Solution.PNG

This poster is an example of a police officer, the navy blue figure has more knowledge and experience with police. While the yellow figure,  a police officer in training with not enough knowledge or experience is learning from the police officer.  In the image, the police officer is teaching the police officer in training what to do and how to do it. For example, in the last image, it shows the police officer teaching the police officer in training how to hold/point a gun. Having professional police officers that have good records and have been a part of the police force, training upcoming police officers will help the police officers in training because they are being taught by another police officer with a lot of experience and don't have any bad records. This can help by having more police officers knowing what to do in a situation and when and how to use their weapon.

Meet the Team

Nevaeh Bryan.jpg

Nevaeh B.

Hi, my name is Nevaeh B. I am a 14-year -old, student activist, who wants to make a change. Currently, I'm focusing on police brutality, which has been an ongoing topic for years. My goal is to have a better future with  police officers. 

Chekevia Joseph.jpg

Chekevia J.

My name is Chekevia Joseph and I'm from Brooklyn, NY. This topic is important to me because many people have been hurt and not gotten justice because of police brutality. I am using my voice through social media to urge people to vote for a leader that will take care of everyone, not just the police. @speak_up2000

Athena Phillip.jpg

Athena P.

Hello! My name is Athena Phillip. I am a 13-year-old biracial girl from the Bronx. I am half black and Russian. I am here today to spread the word to vote. If we propose, we can have better relationships with police officers.

Essence Richardson.png

Essence R.

I'm Essence, a young Colored girl who is about to be a sophomore. My goal is to encourage people to vote and enact policies through creative problem-solving to ensure no more violence occurs.

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