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Our slogan “Sympathize with women, not rapists” highlights the issue of sexual assault against women in America because society, as well as the justice system, fails to provide care and support to women regarding these unforgettable situations. We hope to encourage individuals to listen and let the voices of these women be heard while creating safe alternatives in schools, in the workplace, public areas, and the justice system to protect women at all costs.

Sexual Assault Against Women in America

Research Question

What socio-political changes could be made to highlight the importance of Women’s Rights, health, and wellness while encouraging women to speak up about sexual assault?


In America, sexual assault against women and girls is an enduring issue that is unresolved and neglected. Women and girls are sexually assaulted in schools, workplaces, public areas, and even in their own homes, but many of these assaults are unreported. Although not every single woman or girl experiences sexual assault,  it still affects them because they are oversexualized by society, which causes them to live in constant fear. As a group of young women, we have decided to spread awareness about this topic because the justice system fails to properly handle sexual assault reports. According to RAINN, a sexual violence organization,  only 6 out of 1,000 perpetrators are imprisoned. Someone who has inspired us is Tarana Burke, the creator of the MeToo Movement, who encouraged many women to talk about their experiences with sexual assault on social media platforms. On social media, women often receive criticism for speaking up about their experiences. Society needs to sympathize with women, not rapists. 


Knowing that this is an ongoing issue, we’ve brainstormed several solutions. According to recent statistics, 6 out of 1,000 perpetrators are imprisoned, and 90% of adult rape victims are female. To ensure that women are receiving the justice they deserve and to showcase how important their stories are, their perpetrators should be imprisoned for 6 months when there is sufficient evidence presented that the assault occurred. If there is even stronger evidence on the woman's clothes, hair, skin, and urine that indicates nonconsensual sexual contact committed by perpetrators and are found guilty, they should face a reasonable amount of time. As a result of being imprisoned 6 months before the trial, perpetrators will learn about how their actions have negatively affected many women’s lives. Furthermore, the educational system should incorporate programs for girls and women that provide a safe place for them to speak up about their experiences that occurred generally or on school grounds. In this program, girls and women will be given various opportunities to share their personal stories about their experiences. They will get to talk about their feelings, what happened to them, and will be given support on how to get the justice they deserve.  The main goal is to help girls cope, spread their voice, and grow from their experience. This program should strictly be run by women in the school.


For more help and support, victims can call the national sexual assault hotlines: 1-800-656-4673 or 212-227-3000.

You are not alone.

Public Service Announcement

Sexual Assault Against Women in America

This PSA demonstrates the importance in which women are negatively affected by sexual assault very early in their lifetime. Starting at such a young age, women are already experiencing sexual assault at home, school, public areas, etc.


Sexual Assault Against Women in America

This infographic is showcasing the high rates in which women in America are sexually assaulted, highlighting that women are the main targets of sexual assault in comparison to anyone else.

Final Proposal

Proposed Solutions.png

In terms of the Justice System, we are proposing that when there are sexual assault cases, it should be MANDATORY (maybe like a law) that a woman is on the case. This will most likely create a sense of understanding for women when they’re speaking up about their experience. However, we don’t condone or support any bias regarding this solution. Socially, when teaching sex education in schools, the curriculum should cover sexualization against everyone but ESPECIALLY GIRLS/WOMEN. Students should be taught that it isn’t okay to force sexual acts upon girls/women. Also, they should be taught that name-calling, objectifying girls/women isn’t okay. This curriculum should be taught to everyone but boys should have a lengthier curriculum on it. Schools can also incorporate programs for girls/women that provide a safe place for them to speak up about their experiences that happened in general or even ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. This program should be strictly run by women.


After doing our research, we found out that according to statistics, 6 out of 1000 perpetrators are imprisoned even though 90% of adult rape victims are female. We can make sure that women are getting the justice they deserve by making sure that their perpetrators are imprisoned for 6 months when there is a valuable and sufficient amount of evidence that the incident occurred. After the trial is over and the perpetrator is found guilty then the perpetrator will face time. In terms of providing stability for girls and women, we have decided that there should be shelters made as a safe place for girls/women to go to. If a victim has been sexually assaulted but is too far from home to receive the help and support that they need, they can go to one of these shelters. In the shelter, these girls/women will be checked and examined while given care and support. After they’re examined, the women working there can then send the police the test results of what they found. They will also have a chance to share what happened to them to other women, bringing comfort. The shelters will be strictly run by women (who will be background checked ofc). It is shown that there is a very small percentage of sexual assault/rape incidents being reported to the police by women because they don’t seem to take it seriously. Enacting this solution will encourage more women to speak about their experiences.


Finally, as for digitally, we decided that we should add a necessity to smartphones. On all types of smartphones, we want to make it more accessible and easier for women to contact the police and alert them about their EXACT location when in the middle of being sexually assaulted. Although we are not tech geniuses, we want to create a way where women don’t have to unlock their phones to call the police and verbally contact them. Instead, there should be an app located on the screen of the phone where they can click on it and it will automatically let the police know what’s going on.

Meet the Team

Camila Dandrades

Camila D.

I’m Camila and the issue of sexual assault against women is so important to me. It’s unfair and terrifying that I can get sexually assaulted at school because of how thin the straps of my blouse are. I shouldn’t have to feel so uncomfortably and as if I’m at risk, in an environment where I’ve come to learn.

Miracle Eziako

Miracle E.

My name is Miracle and sexual assault against girls and women is an issue that has heavily influenced the way that I feel around men. In all honesty, I feel terrified, unsafe, and anxious when I walk by them. I’m scared that if I acknowledge them, they will use their power to take away what rightfully belongs to me.

Erica Jay

Erica J.

Hi, my name is Erica and I feel strongly about sexual assault against girls and women because victims of sexual assault deserve justice and to be heard. It’s not fair that while the perpetrators walk free, victims still have to live in fear. I and no other girl deserves to have a huge piece of them taken away as if it means nothing.

Jahyah Jordan

Janyah J.

I’m Janyah and sexual assault against girls and women is a topic that means a lot to me. It’s extremely overwhelming that I fear going anywhere alone, whether its day or night. When I walk home at night, fear clouds my mind and I find myself constantly turning around to make sure I’m not being followed.

Angelina Valerio

Angelina V.

My name is Angelina and I care about sexual assault against both girls and women for this clear reason: because I am a young woman myself. As simple as it sounds, being a young woman can be extremely scary when you always have to watch over your shoulder because of all the dangerous things that have happened to many others. Every day, I feel fear whenever I’m completing the simplest tasks as a young woman.

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