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People of color are systematically oppressed in America as the system disadvantages them. This project aims to highlight issues people of color face, such as violence against Native American women, healthcare/education disparities, injustices within the justice system, and the separation of immigrant families. We propose that certain reforms must be made to make the system more equitable.

Systemic Oppression of Minorities

Research Question

How can the identification and acknowledgment of the mistreatment of people of color help generate solutions?


The American political system is flawed, especially regarding its treatment toward people of color. Through systemic racism, minorities are oppressed, facing many more obstacles in everyday life than white Americans. Our society perpetuates negative stereotypes affecting legal actions required to protect people of color in America. As a group, we recognize the mass injustices occurring now on US soil. Injustices such as education and healthcare disparities amongst minorities; that Native American women are assaulted at a much higher rate than any other racial group. Law enforcement targeting Black Americans, while Latinx immigrant families are torn apart at US officials' hands. 


Healthcare disparities will focus on sickle cell anemia, the alarming mortality rates of black maternal patients, and lack of healthcare access. Diseases that mainly affect people of color are not widely acknowledged, and patients and physicians that are of people of color are treated poorly. Also, with the disparities in the education system, the topics of systemic poverty and racism arise. Law enforcement such as police, target black Americans as black people are 2.5x more likely to be killed. Furthermore, immigrant families placed in detention centers are separated, are being sexually abused, and are forced to live in cages. Native American women experience sexual violence at high rates, are murdered, and go missing with little government concern. As a group, we aim to bring awareness to these alarming topics in order to promote change.

Public Service Announcement

Mistreatment of People of Color

Our PSA of the birds portrays the oppression people of color face. The black and white birds signify minorities and are caged as systemic oppression leads to a never-ending cycle of poverty as well as lack of opportunity.

PSA (hands) .png

The PSA with our subtopics shows each of our individual posters united to bring awareness as each topic is significant. The first poster shows Latino immigrant families are being separated. The second poster shows law enforcement shooting at black Americans despite being unarmed with hands up. The chain symbolizes how black Americans are trapped as the color of their skin is seen as a crime. The third part is to spread awareness that Native American women are being murdered, raped, and going missing. Sickle Cell Anemia is underfunded and is often forgotten, yet it affects thousands of people of color. The fourth part shows education disparities as public schools often lack funding as well as disregard children. This leads to children finding alternatives such as gang violence.


Mistreatment of People of Color
Infographic (Part 2).png

Our infographics include all of our subtopics and are split into two separate infographics. The first infographic shows statistics about violence against Native American Women, the education disparities, and the healthcare disparities specifically in sickle cell. The second infographic shows the statistics of law enforcement and how they target black Americans. For immigration in detention centers, there is a focus on the numbers of immigrants being held as well as the children.

Final Proposal

Proposed Solution.png

The objective is to end oppression and strive for equity. Every person is human, we are all equal and should be treated as well. 


For violence against Native American women eradicating a 1978 Supreme Court decision which would allow the tribal government to prosecute the non-native men who rape, kill and kidnap native women as many cases get dismissed. Police submitting all missing files, sexual assaults, and murders can help in investigations and prosecution as well. 


To bring the education gap, schools that are doing poorly/ in minority communities should receive more funding than they already do. Teachers who truly have a passion for learning should be employed. Schools should become a safe haven for students, where they can go to get away from all the problems and stress from their lives. 


To begin reforming the justice system, specifically law enforcement, we must elect local officials who are educated and passionate in eliminating the racial disparities present in our justice system. We need officials who are about appealing or creating new policies/codes that detract from the corrupt system. 


For reform in the medical system to occur; more funding must be provided to underfunded/under acknowledged disease organizations, physicians must be trained to recognize symptoms in all patients regardless of skin color, and the barrier between communities of color and lack of access to healthcare must be broken down by providing more access to healthcare in those areas.


To end the mistreatment of immigrants in detention centers is by voting November 3rd get Trump out the chair and vote for someone who cares about the well being of people of color. Secondly provide detention centers with hygiene materials, portable showers, and bathrooms. Thirdly the officers who sexually abuse women detainees should be arrested.

Meet the Team

Melany Caballero

Melany C.

I am from Brooklyn, NY, and incoming college freshman. Under the Mistreatment of People of Color, I discuss the Justice System. Specifically, law enforcement and how for years black lives have been lost due to murderous tactics. My entire family is black so there’s this hovering fear of losing friends and family.

Fatoumata Sawaneh

Fatoumata S.

I am from the Bronx, NY, and an incoming junior who aspires to establish a career in the medical field. Under the Mistreatment of People of Color, I also discuss the racial disparities in the US justice system. This sub-topic is important because it is alarming that black people make up a small portion of the US population yet are victims of fatal police interactions at a much higher rate compared to other races.

Lindsey Guallpa

Lindsey G.

I am an incoming freshman from Queens. I am an aspiring illustrator as I love to convey messages through illustrations from bringing awareness to creating unity. Under the Mistreatment of People of Color, the sub-topic violence against Native Americans is significant as these issues are often ignored and dismissed.

Nelly Ulloa

Nelia U.

I am from Manhattan. I'm a sophomore student in college interested in working with special needs children. Under the group of Mistreatment of People of Color, I’m focusing on the sub-topic of immigration, which is very important to me because immigrants are being treated unfairly in detention centers. Immigrants are being called aliens when they are human beings. Also, every immigrant should have the right to live the American dream.

Maria Hashmi

Maria H.

I am an incoming college freshman from Brooklyn, New York. Under the group Mistreatment of People of Color, I am focusing on the education gap. This is extremely important to me because growing up in a minority community I experienced firsthand the inequalities in the education my peers and I received.

Jasmine Williams.png

Jasmine W.

I am a Biomedical Engineering student from Brooklyn, New York who is interested in working in the medical field. The healthcare system is very connected to my future career and I feel it is important to bring awareness to the disparities that exist within the system. Under the group Mistreatment of People of Color, I’m focusing on the sub-topic of healthcare disparities, which concerns me since I often see people of color neglected or overlooked when it comes to diseases like sickle cell anemia or even treatment by physicians.

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