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Research Question

What is police brutality and what forms does it take in communities of color?


The topic of police brutality is important because it is important to talk about and realize things like this do happen. For example, because things like this happen and the police get away with it other police officers might think it's ok to do things like this because there is no action to their consequences. In addition, because police brutality happens it makes people fear their lives every time they walk outside of their house. You never know what could happen anymore because police are supposed to protect and serve and instead some officers are doing the opposite.

Public Service Announcement


How is it fair that people of color walk outside and suffer from police brutality?  There have been countless people of color who have encountered unfair treatment by the police and this PSA represents the world we are living in today. 



We are showing the difference in behavior police show different races. It has multiple graphs to show differences and facts to back them up. I used Alice and multiple fonts for my title and topic question, Alice and Roboto condensed for my first 4 pieces of information, and Roboto condensed for my last 4 facts which also helped to describe my graph.

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